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Our one-year old loves it!

This is such an amazing product. Our one-year old starts clapping as soon as we push to start rhe alphabet songs or have Dikku make the animal sounds. The ears flapping are so cute. Approved by the Gujarati grandparents as well!

Punjabi Pad™
Inderdeep Hayer

Bought this for my niece who is 2 years old! She loves it!!

Punjabi Pad™
Vishal Kumar

Punjabi Pad™

love it

we purchased the gujrati pad earlier and our son enjoys the songs. the diku elephant is a more interactive and playful version that teaches on the same topics. he is thrilled and hasnt stopped playing since we gave it to him

great product

would like to see more products for same language for different age group. 0 to 2, 2 to 5 and more...so it will help baby to learn form day 1.

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Our daughter is 2 and she loves the elephant and the lad and she’s learning a lot of words and singing along. Thanks

Punjabi Pad™
Rajni Cowgill

Such a fun and interactive way to learn. My kids love playing Punjabi.

Punjabi Pad™
Tegdeep Kondal
Great product to teach kids.

Good quality product. The built-in music option keeps our child occupied. The options to toggle between the different modes are well thought. A few things that would make this better would be to have bigger images for the keys, and a more professional/polished voice (or ability to choose between a few voices).

Best Punjabi learning device

I bought that for 6 years old and 4 years old.They are already learning from it.Its fun for them to play and listen to it.Really recommend it if you want to teach your kids Punjabi.Easy to use.Thanks

Punjabi Pad™
Rajpreet Kaur

Punjabi Pad™


My daughter was gifted this pad over Christmas. It is the most thoughtful and fun gift she has received. Exposing her to Tamil is made easier by this.

Best Investment

Tamil Pad is a smart investment for early education.

Music Mode

My 5 year old loves the music mode and the rhymes that go with the letter. My wife and I enjoy hearing her sing along to them.

Great Gift

I recently gifted this to a family friend for their baby shower. The parents-to-be loved it. They had never seen anything like this. Safe to say this will be my go to for all gift giving occasions.

Screen-free device

The basic vocabulary on the bottom row is a wonderful touch. Love that this device is screen-free.

Must have if you want to teach your kids Tamil

This is a great tool if you are looking to introduce Tamil to your little ones.

Tamil Pad has become an essential part of our daily routine! My kids love it because they now have a toy that speaks in their native language!

Tamil Learning Fun!

Tamil Pad has exceeded my expectations!

Awesome Pad

Alphabet mode is a standout feature! My son easily grasped Tamil letters and their pronunciation. He loves bobbing his head along with the rhymes too.

Quiz Mode is a hit!

The Quiz mode is a hit not just with my kids (6 & 8), the entire family! The kids love testing us on our Tamil knowledge. Its become a family game. We love the random questions, keeps us on our toes and listening.

So much information in this pad!

I was skeptical at first, but once I received it, it blew my mind. The basic vocabulary categories, from Wild animals to emotions, Tamil Pad covers it all. In English and Tamil. It's hands down a great pad to help build a strong foundation in Tamil language. My daughter is repeating the words effortlessly.

What a Joy!

The Tamil Pad is an incredible language learning toy! My child loves the Alphabet mode, and the pronunciation is so clear. It's a fantastic way to introduce Tamil.

Great Gujarati Speaking Toy.

This Gujarati Speaking Toy is very good quality built and It helping my kid to speak Gujarati faster. My 3 year old daughter is reapeting all gujarati phrases back to her "Dikku" Toy.

My son's favorite toy!

Babbu was an instant hit for our one-year-old! He loves that he can push the buttons on his own, and the toy is well-designed and easy for little hands to play with. The four different modes of speech and song are a lot of fun, and there is enough variety that the phrases don't get stale when your toddler wants to play with the toy all day. This was a great gift and it makes his Nanaji so happy to see language being passed down.