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Tamil Pad™

Introducing Tamil Pad - the perfect way to introduce your child to the beauty of the Tamil language.

With our innovative LingoPad technology, learning Tamil has never been easier or more fun. Tamil Pad offers 5 different modes of teaching - Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Music, and Quiz - to cater to your child's learning needs. The Alphabet mode teaches the Tamil alphabet and pronunciation, while the Numbers mode helps your child learn to count in Tamil.

In addition to the core modes, Tamil Pad also offers basic Tamil vocabulary in categories such as Wild animals, Farm animals, birds, body parts, my emotions, days of the week, weather, foods, fruits and vegetables, and more. This is the perfect way to help your child start building a strong foundation in the Tamil language and culture.

The Quiz mode is especially fun and engaging, as it asks random questions from the other modes. For example, your child may be asked to identify the color green, and then they can press the button that is colored green to hear applause. With Tamil Pad, your child will learn the language and develop essential skills such as cognitive ability, problem-solving, and attention to detail.

Investing in Tamil Pad is investing in your child's future. Start them off on the right foot with the joy of learning a new language today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Sriram Ganesan
Excited to teach my kid Tamil

I bought the Tamil Pad for my 2.5 year old. She really loves pressing on the buttons and has learnt to phonetically sound the letter before saying the word. The Tamil is crisp and well enunciated. Some feedback for the team:
- Placing the pad on a carpeted surface muffles the sound a bit and makes it hard to make out the words, perhaps speakers on the sides next version.
- Maybe include a guide (similar to the Lovevery play guide) for parents on what songs to expect (when in Music mode) against the buttons.

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review for our Tamil Pad. We are thrilled to hear that your 2.5 year old is enjoying using it to learn Tamil! We appreciate your feedback about the sound quality on carpeted surfaces and will definitely take that into consideration for future versions. We will also look into including a guide for parents on the songs in Music mode. Thank you for your support and happy learning! :)

Warm regards,
Team LingoDodo

Dinesh H.

My daughter was gifted this pad over Christmas. It is the most thoughtful and fun gift she has received. Exposing her to Tamil is made easier by this.

Premnath S.
Best Investment

Tamil Pad is a smart investment for early education.

Vignesh S.
Music Mode

My 5 year old loves the music mode and the rhymes that go with the letter. My wife and I enjoy hearing her sing along to them.

Archana N.
Great Gift

I recently gifted this to a family friend for their baby shower. The parents-to-be loved it. They had never seen anything like this. Safe to say this will be my go to for all gift giving occasions.