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We Help Your Kids Become Bilingual.

We help multicultural families pass down language, with engaging hands-on language learning toys.

Helping them raise inclusive, empathetic, and kind humans, one playful tap at a time.

About us!

Cofounders of LingoDodo
Made by Parents for Parents.
Meet the creators behind LingoDodo®, Milan and Alex Rana, driven by a singular passion: our children. 
Welcome to Lingododo.com: Empowering Your Child’s Language Journey
At Lingododo.com, we believe every child holds the potential to become a global citizen, fluent in the languages of their heritage and the world. Our mission is to unlock this potential through screen-free, innovative language-learning tools, making every step of the journey an adventure. Founded by Alex and Milan Rana, our story is one of passion, diversity, and a deep commitment to fostering growth and understanding across cultures.
Our Story: A Fusion of Innovation and Compassion
Alex Rana, a serial entrepreneur with a knack for turning visions into reality, brings a wealth of experience from establishing ventures across the globe, from a restaurant in Spain to a thriving Montessori school in Texas. Fluent in five languages and with a distinguished career at Boeing, Alex’s journey is a testament to the power of precision, dedication, and multicultural understanding.
Milan Rana, alongside her role at Boeing, shines as LingoDodo’s marketing maestro. Her remarkable online presence and creative genius in crafting engaging content have propelled LingoDodo® into the hearts of families worldwide. Milan’s soft-spoken yet persuasive communication style, coupled with her dedication to raising bilingual children, embodies the essence of LingoDodo’s mission.
You Are the Hero of This Journey
As parents and educators, you strive to give your children the world. At LingoDodo®, we understand that the journey begins with language - the key to unlocking diverse cultures, fostering empathy, and building a strong sense of identity. Our role is to guide you and your child through this journey, providing the tools, resources, and support you need to succeed.
What We Offer
    •    Engagement and Fun: Our language learning pads and plush toys make learning an immersive experience, keeping your child engaged and eager to explore more.
    •    Cultural Connection: We help bridge the gap between generations and geographies, enabling your child to connect with their heritage and the global community.
    •    Quality and Innovation: Inspired by our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we’ve meticulously designed each product to ensure educational excellence and ease of use.
    •    Supportive Community: Beyond our products, we offer guidance, tips, and a network of like-minded families, all dedicated to the journey of bilingual education.
Join Our LingoDodo® Family
Choosing LingoDodo® means more than just selecting a product. It’s choosing to embark on a transformative journey alongside your child, guided by our expertise and supported by our community. Together, let’s lay the foundation for a future where your child can proudly navigate the world in multiple languages, embracing every culture with confidence and empathy.
We’re here not just to provide tools but to celebrate each milestone with you, ensuring that language learning becomes a cherished part of your child’s growth. With LingoDodo®, every tap, every word, and every giggle is a step towards a more inclusive, understanding world.

We warmly welcome you as we invite you to be a part of the LingoDodo® story, a story that started as a dream and has now found its place in your home. We're truly delighted that your family has joined us on this incredible adventure.