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Supporting families to pass down their language and culture, since 2016.

Helping them raise inclusive & empathetic humans, one playful tap at a time.

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Screen-Free and Fun Language-Learning Toys

Forbes® 1000 Honoree. Tory Burch® Fellow. Featured in Desi Today magazine. We've designed interactive language-learning toys in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, and Gujarati. Designed by language and pedagogy experts to help learners of all ages, improve their proficiency. We're constantly working on broadening our selection to more languages, so stay tuned...

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Amid the hustle of modern life, multicultural families often find it challenging to pass down their rich linguistic heritage.

LingoDodo® bridges this gap with hands-on language learning toys, turning every playful tap into a step towards raising empathetic, world-ready children.

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