Babbu™ The Punjabi LingoPhant™

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LingoPhant™ The Language Teaching Elephant

Your child will be mesmerized by this ear-moving adorable LingoPhant™! See what we did there? Lingo for your language and Phant for the elephant. Pretty clever, huh?

Babbu™ the LingoPhant™ is always eager to play with your child. Babbu™ can play Lukka-Chuppi with your child, hiding behind its oversized ears and waiting for your child to seek a good “hiding spot”.

 Not in a mood for Lukka-Chuppi? No problem!  Babbu™ can teach you alphabets in Punjabi by pressing the Orange button or teach you the names of the different animals and the sounds they make, by pressing the Blue button.

Or how about pressing the Green, Rhymes button? Your child will discover an enchanted world of beautiful traditional rhymes as well as artfully translated American rhymes like Head, shoulders, knees, and toes, while Babbu™ flaps its ears in sync with the tune.

WARNING for PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS: These rhymes are addicting. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself bobbing your head and singing along, with a huge smile on your face as you travel back to your childhood in your mind.

Our LingoPhants™ are made from premium materials for unparalleled softness and huggability. All features and buttons are beautifully embroidered for the safety of your child.

These captivating LingoPhants™ are surface-washable with a damp wipe. Please do not stick them in your Washer! Well, unless you wish Babbu™ to have a Maun Vrat (vow of silence) for the rest of its life 😊

Other than that, Babbu™ is appropriate for all ages and ready to be your child’s first best friend. Who knows? It might become close to your heart as well!

ANOTHER WARNING: Your child’s reaction might bring happy tears from parents and grandparents.

Now, the FEATURES, for the detail-oriented gift giver:

Feature 1: Babbu™ is a magical singing and ear-moving elephant that comes to life with the push of a button. A press on Left Foot Purple ON button engages in a game of Lukka-Chuppi.

Feature 2: Press the Right Foot Green Music button repeatedly to sing along to carefully selected children’s rhymes, while Babbu's™ ears flap to the rhythm!

Feature 3: Press the Left Arm Orange Alphabet button to learn the alphabet in Punjabi/Hindi/Gujarati.

Feature 4: Press the Right Arm(Babbu's™, not the baby’s lol) Blue Animal button to learn the names of different animals and the sounds they make.

Now you might be wondering. This sounds great, but who do I give this to and when. Fret not! Here are some suggestions:

  • Perfect Birthday gift. You are giving the gift of a language and the warmth of a hug. Is that called, shooting two birds with one camera? Or something to that effect.
  • Perfect for the Baby registry. Beware though. Once you give it as a shower gift, the expectant parents might love it too much to part with it. You might have to buy another one for the baby!
  • Perfect for the teacher or the nurse. S/He could take it to work and delight many kids.
  • Perfect for Christmas, Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami, Vaisakhi, Easter, and Buddha Purnima. We are confident, we are missing about 167 other occasions.
  • Perfect for “Just because”. For fun, for the heck of it, for no good reason, for no reason in particular, for the sake of it. Don’t you find it weird as well, that price of a dozen roses goes up by 100% on Valentine’s Day? Apparently, that’s the only day you can express your love! We suggest you do it “just cuz”.

No matter the occasion, these huggable friends are perfect for teaching, learning, playing, singing, dancing, decorating, comforting, collecting, and cuddling.  

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Babbu

Thanks for making Babbu. I am soo happy I buy this perfect gift for my girls.

Ramandeep Kaur
Perfect Gift

Lingo phant is very good gift option. My nephew just loves the different sounds that Babbu makes and also the movement of ears makes it more special. Overall, it’s the best thing for a kid.

Just Amazing

We love Babbu❤️

savneen Kaur

Babbu™ The Punjabi LingoPhant™

Babandeep Kaur
Perfect addition

Babbu has been a perfect addition to out punjabi pad collection. My boys love thr luka chupi game and songs . Definitely recommend for bilingual kids .