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Punjabi Bundle SOLD OUT!! Pre-order for delivery in March 2024

$89.99 Regular price $119.99

SOLD OUT!! Pre-order for delivery in March 2024

SPECIAL PRE-ORDER PRICE $84.99. After launch price $94.99.

Prefer the cuddles and hugs from our LingoPhant as well as the mastery of the Basics of the Punjabi language from our LingoPad

Then, this Bundle might be the right choice for you. Imagine, the Punjabi Pad and Babbu™ the Punjabi-speaking Elephant Plush making your job of teaching language to your kids easier! This bundle is sure to teach them the Punjabi alphabet, along with numbers, colors, and over 250 basic words. Both toys are preloaded with dozens of rhymes and tunes to get the little ones excited. 

Our best reward is the look on the grandparents’ faces when they see their grandchildren repeat the Punjabi words and rhymes! Ho gai fir Balle-Balle! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ramandeep Kaur

My doughter likes to play with papu n she is also learning punjabi....it is damm good

Amy Dhatt-Dherari

So good for your children to be excited to learn our mother’s tongue! A must buy for anyone trying to teach their little ones these languages!

Palwinder Singh Bhagania

Good quality

Hermanjit Sidhu
Awesome Product

I purchased both the tablet and the elephant for my kids and it has been an excellent product. Thank you for creating this, I hope to finally teach my kids some of their native language!

Ramandeep Bhopal
Awesome Product and best gift for kids

2nd day and my kids are loving it , they are speaking more Punjabi words their pronunciation getting better and better, when parents are busy or away from kids they will always have this iPad to learn Punjabi. 🙏🏽 ❤️