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Learn Languages and Play, the Screen-Free way

Supporting families to pass down their language and culture, since 2016.

Helping them raise inclusive & empathetic humans, one playful tap at a time.

Our Story

LingoDodo® was founded in 2016 out of our passion for creativity, learning, and entrepreneurship, as well as our personal need to teach our children our native languages. We understand the frustration of trying to teach a language without the proper tools, which is why we developed the LingoPad™ and the LingoPhant- simple and fun learning toys for children to learn the basics of their native language.

Our team has grown since then, but our vision remains the same: to create quality, functional language products that help children learn and understand their culture. We believe that language learning is crucial for clear thinking and understanding different cultures.

Over the years, thousands of children worldwide have enjoyed learning the basics of their language through our LingoPads™, and we continue to expand our product line. By providing a safe, screen-free, and educational alternative to the Internet, we ensure that children are using technology for good.

We invite you to try our products and see the difference for yourself. With LingoDodo®, you can give your children the gift of language and a second lens through which to question and understand the world.

Be Happy. Be Bilingual.