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Learn Languages and Play, the Screen-Free way

Supporting families to pass down their language and culture, since 2016.

Helping them raise inclusive & empathetic humans, one playful tap at a time.

Our Story!

What kind of name is LingoDodo®?

Lingo means language and Dodo refers to the extinct bird from Mauritius. The Dodo's extinction is partly attributed to its loss of flight, as it didn't use its wings and couldn't protect itself. We thought "Use it or lose it." Just like the Dodo lost its wings, if we don't use our languages, they risk becoming extinct within our families. Hence Lingo plus Dodo equals LingoDodo®. Simple! :)  


Who are you?

We are parents living in the U.S., raising bilingual kids. We understand the struggle of passing down our language and values. That's why we created these toys to help families connect, making it easier for kids to bond with their grandparents and learn their native languages. Our mission is to support families in preserving their heritage. 


Why did you create these language-learning toys?

We originally planned to design language software but quickly realized that kids benefit more from hands-on, interactive play. As parents, we believe in lifelong learning and know that being bilingual helps children feel more connected to their heritage, culture, and family. We also wanted to avoid adding more screen time to our kids’ lives, so we focused on creating engaging, no-screen toys that make learning fun and meaningful.


Where are you located?

We are located in Folsom, California.


How long have you been in business?

We've been helping families preserve their languages and heritage since early 2016.


Why choose us?

LingoDodo® is created by parents for parents, with a genuine passion for helping families connect with their heritage. Our products are designed to be engaging and fun, focusing on hands-on screen-free learning experiences. Choose us for a heartfelt approach to bilingual education. 


Can I submit ideas to LingoDodo®?

Absolutely! We value your feedback and ideas. LingoDodo® is always exploring new product ideas and markets. Feel free to share your thoughts with us at contact@lingododo.com. We appreciate your contribution!