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What's new and improved for February 2024?
  • Rounded corners ergonomic design
  • Softer touch for more responsive buttons
  • High-fidelity speakers, for improved sound quality
  • Durable design with slide switch for on/off


Introducing Tamil Pad - the perfect way to introduce your students to the beauty of the Tamil language. With our innovative LingoPad technology, teaching Tamil has never been easier or more fun. Tamil Pad offers 5 different modes of teaching - Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Music and Quiz - to cater to your students' learning needs. The Alphabet mode teaches the Tamil alphabet and pronunciation, while the Numbers mode helps your students learn to count in Tamil.

In addition to the core modes, Tamil Pad also offers basic Tamil vocabulary in categories such as Wild animals, Farm animals, birds, body parts, my emotions, days of the week, weather, foods, fruits and vegetables, and more. This is the perfect way to help your students start building a strong foundation in Tamil language and culture.

The Quiz mode is especially fun and engaging, as it asks random questions from the other modes. For example, students may be asked to identify the color green, and then they can press the button that is colored green to hear an applause. With Tamil Pad, your students will not only learn the language, but also develop essential skills such as cognitive ability, problem-solving, and attention to detail.

Investing in a pack of 12 Tamil Pads is investing in your students' future. Start them off on the right foot with the joy of learning a new language today.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Bhuvana Natarajan
Excellent product!

This is a well-crafted product with volume control, alphabet sounds, colors and lots of popular tamil songs! I just showed this on a video call to my mom and my cousin, they are so in love with it. Super useful for car rides, my 3 year old daughter approves it. Great initiative, thanks Lingdodo team!

Ruby D
Easy to operate

My 10yr old only knows a few Tamil words & this tab was easy & interesting enough for her to start practicing right away. The rhymes/songs were harder for her to learn, but with repetition I'm sure she'll get it. I like that there are phonetic translation of the Tamil letters in English along with pictures of the words. I do randomly ask her to read the alphabet by the hiding the pictures & the English words to see if she can really read the Tamil letters. The numbers go in order from 1 to 30 & after that it goes in fives upto 100. Since most kids these days are familiar with using electronic devices, this Lingododo tab is an easy way for them to operate & learn on their own if they're older than 3 or 4. I'm sure even younger ones can still easily learn. I have recommended this to my brother for his kids.
The price was reasonable & the tab arrived within a week of ordering.

Paula Andrea Echeverri Durango
Great learning device

As a teacher of Paula’s Barn Inc. - child care program with a diverse community, it's crucial for us to embrace and preserve different cultures, traditions, and languages. We recently gifted the Tamil Pad™️ to one of our families from India during Diwali, and it has been a wonderful addition to our language-learning activities.

The Tamil Pad™️ has not only helped our child learn the Tamil language but has also sparked her curiosity about her Indian roots. The engaging content and interactive features have made the learning process enjoyable and effective. Our parents have also expressed their gratitude for the product, as it has provided them with a valuable resource to reinforce language skills at home.

I would be more than happy to leave a review to help other parents discover this fantastic product. Additionally, I will make sure to tag LingoDodo on our social media platforms to inspire others in our community.

Thank you for creating such an incredible language-learning tool that fosters cultural appreciation and inclusivity.

Hareesh Kumar
An awesome tool for kids to learn tamil

I bought these recently for my 4 year old. Arrived very quickly. The pad looks great and my kid loves it! Definitely a great way to get your kid start learning Tamil.

Great tablet!

We really enjoy using the Tamil LingoDodo tablet to learn alphabet, words and phrases. Really easy to use and fun for the whole family!