Tamil Pad™ 12-pack

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Introducing Tamil Pad - the perfect way to introduce your students to the beauty of the Tamil language. With our innovative LingoPad technology, teaching Tamil has never been easier or more fun. Tamil Pad offers 5 different modes of teaching - Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Music and Quiz - to cater to your students' learning needs. The Alphabet mode teaches the Tamil alphabet and pronunciation, while the Numbers mode helps your students learn to count in Tamil.

In addition to the core modes, Tamil Pad also offers basic Tamil vocabulary in categories such as Wild animals, Farm animals, birds, body parts, my emotions, days of the week, weather, foods, fruits and vegetables, and more. This is the perfect way to help your students start building a strong foundation in Tamil language and culture.

The Quiz mode is especially fun and engaging, as it asks random questions from the other modes. For example, students may be asked to identify the color green, and then they can press the button that is colored green to hear an applause. With Tamil Pad, your students will not only learn the language, but also develop essential skills such as cognitive ability, problem-solving, and attention to detail.

Investing in a pack of 12 Tamil Pads is investing in your students' future. Start them off on the right foot with the joy of learning a new language today.


Customer Reviews

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Wonderful teaching toy!

This toy is wonderful for teaching! I am not that fluent in Tamil so it is the best way for me to correctly teach my child!

Ramya Suresh
Great little gadget for all ages!

My little one got it as a 1st birthday gift but has started using it more often now at 16mos old. I can see her using this for years to come (especially the quiz mode when she’s older!)

Love that it’s educational and connects her to a part of her heritage. Unlike books that she insists we read to her, she’s able to play with this by herself. And we love that it doesn’t involve any screen time.

As an additional bonus, my husband (who doesn’t know Tamil) and I (who can speak Tamil) are learning along with our daughter!

Couple things to note is that it’s battery operated - not a huge deal but just used to chargeable electronics nowadays. Also the Tamil in the pad is “proper” Tamil and so some of the words don’t match up to what I would use at home. Once again not a big deal for us, figured she’d just learn more words this way!

Nila Heran
Love our tamil pad !

My boys play with this all the time & I love how much information is packed in this very small and fun device !


Malathi Raghavan
My daughter loves it

We got this for my 2.5 year old, and she now loves it. She uses it by herself, and now knows the names of fruits and vegetables in tamil. This is a great choice for bilingual families.

So happy to hear that she is learning so much Tamil. Thank you for the support.


The tamil pad is great! Son is definitely enjoying it!! The only thing i would want is the tamil alphabets ( aana, avaanna) to be said along with the pronunciation, because I taught my son the alphabets he is getting confused when it is only pronounced:) otherwise it is perfect for new learners

Thank you for the feedback Panusha. Happy to hear that your son is enjoying the Tamil Pad. For the aana, avaanna, did you know there is a beautiful rhyme in the music mode, if you select the button #12 ak, Steel? Please take a look, we think you will love it. :)