Our Story

LingoDodo was born in 2016 out of our personal need and our passion for creativity, learning, and entrepreneurship.

We have two wonderful kids 9 and 4 years old who became our initial source of inspiration when we encountered difficulty in teaching them our native languages, Hindi and Punjabi. We sent our daughter to Sunday school at the local temple; however, she felt left behind in the classes. The problem was not the school, but rather ourselves, as we didn’t teach her the basics of the language because of hectic work schedule, busy days and general lack of time. We started looking for other solutions and were frustrated to discover that a lot of toys and tools were available in the market, but only in English.

We did not want our kids to grow up without knowing our roots, culture, and language. Our second kid received a gift from a friend that was an electronic alphabet (English) learning tablet. We said to ourselves, “Only if this tablet could teach our son Punjabi.” And Voila! the idea for LingoDodo was born. We at LingoDodo, know and understand that as a parent your deepest desire is that your child learns your native language and understands your culture, but we also realize the time commitment and effort it requires. We have found a solution for ourselves and countless other families in similar situations. Hand your kids a LingoDodo Pad™ and watch them interact and practice your native language, as if it's a child's play.

We have developed a simple learning toy for children to learn the basics of your native language. Within a few weeks, my son memorized the alphabet, colors, and numbers in my native language. We are quite confident that you will be delighted with this product. Try it out and see for yourself!

Update 2020: Launched 3 languages 

Thousands of children worldwide have now enjoyed learning basics of their language through our Lingo Pads™. We have since recruited a small, close-knit team to execute on our vision of creating quality, functional language products.

By eliminating the ever present Blue Light and handing over the distracting, not-so-educational, and sometimes raunchy, Internet to your kid, a Lingo Pad™ just for children ensures your innocents are using the tech for relative good.

At LingoDodo, we believe language learning is the best thing you can do to hone clear thinking. It is impossible to understand a culture without understanding its language. 

Gain a language and you gain a second lens through which to question and understand the world. Give your children the chance to double their life experience. 


Be Happy. Be Bilingual.