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We Help Your Kids Become Bilingual.

We help multicultural families pass down language, with engaging hands-on language learning toys.

Helping them raise inclusive, empathetic, and kind humans, one playful tap at a time.


What kind of name is LingoDodo?

Lingo means language and Dodo is the famous flightless extinct bird, which was endemic to the island of Mauritius. One theory states, that Dodos didn't have any natural predators and didn't "feel" the need to use their wings and slowly lost the ability to fly. This inability to protect themselves, caused them to be easily hunted by humans and other animals. The Founders thought hmmm... "Use it or lose it". If Dodos didn't use their wings and as result are now extinct, if we don't use our language, it will be extinct, at least extinct within our own families. Hence Lingo + Dodo = LingoDodo. Simple. :)  


Who are we?

We are second generation Indians who want to teach our children our culture, language, and values.


Why we sell the items we sell?

A language software is what we intended to design first, but changed our focus to developing toys for kids. We believe in lifelong education and believe that knowing more than one language will make you feel a sense of connection with your heritage, culture, and family. Moreover, we did not wish to add to the forever present Blue-Light in the lives of our little ones, hence opted to develop no-screen time toys. 


Where are we located?

We are located in Folsom, California.


How long have we been in business for?

Though history of languages dates back to a few thousand years, we ourselves are quite young. LingoDodo was established in early 2016.


Why choose us?

LingoDodo possesses the right heart and the spirit. Our products are developed with genuine needs and desires in mind. 


Can I submit ideas to LingoDodo?

First of all, thank you for your interest in LingoDodo. We appreciate your feedback, thoughts and comments. LingoDodo is constantly exploring, researching and developing new product ideas and new markets. Feel free to drop us a line.