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Dikku™ SOLD OUT!!! Next delivery April 2024. Gujarati-speaking Elephant

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Gujarati-speaking Elephant

Please NOTE: Gujarati Elephant is SOLD OUT. Next delivery April 2024  

Your child will be mesmerized by this magical singing and ear-moving adorable plush. 

Dikku™ the Gujarati-speaking elephant is always eager to play peek-a-boo with your child, hiding behind its oversized ears. It teaches alphabets in Gujarati by pressing the Orange button and the names of different animals by pressing the Blue button.

The Green, rhymes button will help you discover an enchanted world of beautiful nursery rhymes like, Head, shoulders, knees, and toes in Gujarati, while Dikku™ flaps its ears in sync with the tune.

WARNING for PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS: These rhymes are addicting. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself bobbing your head and singing along.  

Our LingoPhant™ is made from premium materials for unparalleled softness and huggability. All features and buttons are embroidered for the safety of your child.

Now you might be wondering. This sounds great, but who do I give this to and when. Fret not! Here are some suggestions:

  • Perfect Birthday gift. Give the gift of a language and the warmth of a hug. 
  • Perfect for the Baby registry. A newborn's first friend. 
  • Perfect for the teacher or the nurse. Share at work. 
  • Perfect for Christmas, Diwali or any other occasion.
  • Perfect for “Just because”. For fun and also because it is just so cute.  

No matter the occasion, these huggable friends are perfect for teaching, learning, playing, singing, dancing, decorating, comforting, collecting, and cuddling. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
love it

we purchased the gujrati pad earlier and our son enjoys the songs. the diku elephant is a more interactive and playful version that teaches on the same topics. he is thrilled and hasnt stopped playing since we gave it to him

Jignesh Anjara
Great Gujarati Speaking Toy.

This Gujarati Speaking Toy is very good quality built and It helping my kid to speak Gujarati faster. My 3 year old daughter is reapeting all gujarati phrases back to her "Dikku" Toy.

Khyati Patel
Cute learning buddy

Voice is so cute. My nephew loves it. He is just 6 months old. Hoping him to retain Gujarati words forever. Thanks for the Dikku ❤️

Monica Becker
Great gift for littles!!

I wish Dikku had been around when my son was younger, but even at 11yrs we had fun playing with him! I got him as a gifts for multiple nieces & nephews and he’s a universal hit!

Mona Gala
We love Diku. Great educational and fun product.

I am so glad I came across this product. The elephant that speaks Gujarati is just amazing. Has full alphabet, nursery rhymes, and also animal names and what they sound like. I initially got this for my nine month old but all three of my girls play with it. I also bought this as a gift for a friends daughter. We love it so much thank you.