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Learn Languages and Play, the Screen-Free way

Supporting families to pass down their language and culture, since 2016.

Helping them raise inclusive & empathetic humans, one playful tap at a time.

Why not an App to learn language?

Why not an App to learn language?

Why not an App to learn language?

Should I use an app to teach my child my language?

Unlike going to a school where you’re essentially almost forced to learn by the teacher, if you’re in an app, it’s extremely easy to "go" somewhere else. And we all know that “somewhere else” is usually watching mind numbing videos on YouTube or watching others act silly on Tik-Tok. Our entire push for a dedicated toy for language learning was because of that very reason  partly we wanted to protect the young eyes from the constant strain of the blue light and partly to save the innocence of our young ones. 

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We realized early on that, when Instagram, Facebook or other distractions are just a tap away, keeping children engaged in a language learning app was going to be an insurmountable task. We had to come up with a toy that was child’s personal and it didn’t matter if it fell on the floor, as the screen won’t crack. This is why we spend so much time trying to come up with ideas to make LingoDodo more fun and still accomplish the goal of sowing the seed of desire for learning your own language and culture. 

So next time, you are thinking “How to learn Hindi language? Or “How to teach my kids Gujarati?” Or “How to learn basics of Punjabi language?”  Maybe the answer is not online, maybe it’s in a handheld tool, a toy called LingoPad by LingoDodo. :)