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Educational toys vs. "must have" toys

Educational toys vs. "must have" toys

Educational toys vs. "must have" toys

Target toy aisle: Can I buy this?

We are sure you have bought a ton of toys for your little angels over the years. And if you aren’t blessed into parenthood just quite yet, then we are sure you have bought gifts for your nieces, nephews and friends’ and relatives’ kids.

So how does that purchase look like at your house? Is it just another scramble, another last-minute run to Target or impulse purchase on Amazon.com and pick whatever new flashy “in” gadget is on the shelves, the day before (sometimes an hour before) you have to be at that birthday party? And how about the everyday bribery and encouragement for doing homework or other simple household chores, in exchange for latest trends in collectibles, fashion and gadgets?

We feel educational toys, games and books should be an obvious choice, but when shopping for gifts, many people’s first instinct is to go for the latest fad toy and ignore everything else. The reality is that those fad toys lose their appeal very quickly, but educational items stand the test of time.

An educational toy such as a Lingo Pad™ not only entertains your kid but also teaches them their heritage language which is vital for connecting them to their culture. Trust us, if you show up to a birthday party with an educational gift like a Tamil Pad or a Hindi Pad™, you will immediately rise to the status of the smart gift giver. Birthday child will appreciate the uniqueness of the gift and the parents will appreciate your thoughtfulness.