Gujarati Pad™ SOLD OUT!! New & Improved Version delivery Feb. 2024

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What's new and improved for February 2024?
  • Rounded corners ergonomic design
  • Softer touch for more responsive buttons
  • High-fidelity speakers, for improved sound quality
  • Durable design with slide switch for on/off

Introducing our innovative Gujarati Pad™ - the perfect tool for your child to learn Gujarati in a fun and interactive way! Our screen-free learning toy is designed to teach your child the basics of the Gujarati language, including the alphabet, numbers, colors, and basic words. Additionally, our Gujarati Pad also contains prayers in Gujarati as well as teachings from Gandhi and the Indian national anthem.

Our Gujarati Pad™ is easy to use and features engaging games and activities that make learning a new language an enjoyable experience for children. With our unique approach, your child will quickly develop a love for the Gujarati language and be able to speak and read it confidently. It also teaches self-identity, body parts, family relations, and more.

Our team at LingoDodo® has put in countless hours of research and development to create a product that is not only educational but also durable and long-lasting. The Gujarati Pad is lightweight so kids can carry it easily and comes with 3 AAA batteries pre-installed for your convenience.

Our experienced language and teaching experts, Megha Raja and sweetest Aunty Ji, along with our incredible volunteer contributors, help us develop engaging LingoPads®. We at LingoDodo® are forever grateful to these experts in pedagogy, volunteer teachers, linguists, and enthusiasts. It is with their support and commitment that LingoDodo® can create new LingoPads® faster than we could alone.

With the LingoDodo® Gujarati Pad™, your child can start learning a new language today and open up a world of possibilities for their future. Order yours now and give your child the gift of language! Be happy and be bilingual with LingoDodo®.

Customer Reviews

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Radha Patel
Great product!

I purchased the gujarati pad for my son. The sound is clear and has so many different things to learn. It’s very light and great to take with you for travel. My only complaint is It feels a little crowded. There are too many things in one square. But other than that I feel it’s an incredible product. My husband and I are learning along as well!

Kirit Thakker
Gujarati pad

I bought 3 Gujarati pads for my 3 Grandchildren and they love it.My children are learning gujarati as well

bhumika Patel

Gujarati Pad™ SOLD OUT!! New & Improved Version delivery Feb. 2024

Vidhi Shah
Such a great help in teaching Gujarati

It is upon us to educate the next generation about our culture and heritage. But we are all busy parents with several responsibilities and language teaching is often neglected in many households, including mine up to now. Thanks to lingododo and its amazing Gujarati Pad, teaching Gujarati to my child is a breeze now. Very intuitive, functional and loaded with content. Highly recommended.

Thank you so much for your glowing review of our Gujarati Pad! We couldn't agree more - preserving our culture and heritage is a collective responsibility, and we're thrilled to have played a part in making it easier for you. We're delighted that our intuitive and content-rich Gujarati Pad has made teaching Gujarati a breeze for you and your child. Your kind words and recommendation mean the world to us. Keep up the fantastic work in passing on the beauty of the language to the next generation!

Nicki V
Gujarati pad

My kids have loved this pad! It is such a great alternative to screens. We use it on road trips especially. So far, my girls have learned how to count to 20, colors, and days of the week. I’m so happy with this!

Thank you for the 5-Star review. We are beyond excited to receive such positive feedback.