Malayalam Pad™ 4-pack SOLD OUT!! New & Improved Version delivery Feb. 2024

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What's new and improved for February 2024?
  • Rounded corners ergonomic design
  • Softer touch for more responsive buttons
  • High-fidelity speakers, for improved sound quality
  • Durable design with slide switch for on/off

 A fun and easy way to learn Malayalam. Touch and Learn Malayalam Pad™. Touch the pictures to hear common words in Malayalam, chosen by learning experts. Hearing and seeing the words in Malayalam encourages language development and early vocabulary skills.

Malayalam Pad™ teaches:

  • Malayalam Alphabets
  • Numbers in Malayalam
  • Music mode has exciting and educational Rhymes in Malayalam
  • Names of Colors in Malayalam
  • Learn the names of Animals, Body Parts, Fruits, Days, Weather, Family, and much more!
  • Teachings of everyone's beloved Kunjunni Mash
  • Examine your knowledge with a quiz mode
  • 250+ Words, Rhymes, Sounds and Phrases

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
My Husband’s Malayalam Will Be Better Than Mine

Bought this pad for my non Malayalee husband and our baby who is due in the spring. He’s enjoying learning the language so far and I have a feeling his Malayalam will be better than mine!

Great product to introduce language in fun way to kids

Recently purchased the Malayalam Pad and kids have been testing it for a few weeks. So far, I have been happy with the basic learning blocks it provides and kids have enjoyed using it.

Excellent Product!

This LingoDodo language pad was so cool! I loved it! It played letters, numbers, colors and music. It was really well made, and I highly recommend. I had a good customer service experience also when ordering. Would order again!

Would recommend

I got the Malayalam pad based on an Instagram ad for my son. It has been entertainment and learning for the whole family. I’ve bought it as a gift for other people and everyone has enjoyed it. It is an overwhelming amount of information on the pad but I love how comprehensive it is. Also there are not a lot of accurate learning materials for the language so this is a much needed addition to anyone who would like to teach their child (or yourself) the basics in a fun way. Appreciate that someone took the time to put this together. Would definitely recommend!

Sanjay Menon
What a gadget!!

I saw this product on Instagram but wasn't sure if it was a scam as it waa too good to be true. I still decided to try my luck and ordered it for my kids who are 5 and 7. They both love using it have already picked up the numbers so far. Really grateful to the person on making such a product.