Two Gujarati Pads™ (Double the FUN)

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This pack contains 2 Gujarati Pads™. Each sibling can play and learn simultaneously.

An interactive talking Gujarati Pad™. Kids absolutely love this toy/tool. Learning Gujarati alphabets, numbers, colors and various prayers has never been this easy and FUN!

Gujarati Pad™ teaches Ganesh Mantra, Krishna Prayer, Saraswati Vandana, Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, and Vaishnav Jan To. 

It is an interactive Gujarati language learning toy that gets kids excited about everything from counting to alphabet recognition and recitation, a fun-fest of touch-and-talk games, several Gujarati tunes and a creative Quiz Mode.


Gujarati Pad™ teaches:  

  • Gujarati Alphabets 
  • Numbers (Count to One Hundred in Gujarati)
  • Music mode has Hindu Prayers and Vaishnav Jan To 
  • Colors (Names of the Colors in Gujarati)
  • Examine your knowledge with a Quiz Mode.
  • 115+ Songs, Melodies, Sounds and Phrases