Six Gujarati Pads™ (Small Class Pack)

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This pack contains 6 Gujarati Pads™. Perfect as birthday gifts and festive giveaways. 

An interactive talking Gujarati Pad™. Kids absolutely love this toy/tool. Learning Gujarati alphabets, numbers, colors and various prayers has never been this easy and FUN!

Gujarati Pad™ teaches Ganesh Mantra, Krishna Prayer, Saraswati Vandana, Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, and Vaishnav Jan To. 

It is an interactive Gujarati language learning toy that gets kids excited about everything from counting to alphabet recognition and recitation, a fun-fest of touch-and-talk games, several Gujarati tunes and a creative Quiz Mode.

Gujarati Pad™ teaches:  

  • Gujarati Alphabets 
  • Numbers (Count to One Hundred in Gujarati)
  • Music mode has Hindu Prayers and Vaishnav Jan To 
  • Colors (Names of the Colors in Gujarati)
  • Examine your knowledge with a Quiz Mode.
  • 115+ Songs, Melodies, Sounds and Phrases

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    M G
    Fantastic gift idea for next generation

    Just received this Gujarati Pad and tried it. It’s great. Bought it for my grandson but I think mummy-and daddy will really benefit from it. It sounds great and waiting for a right time to give to them. It arrived well in time and all was good. Thank you.

    Zalina Jani
    Awesome educational toy for kids!

    My child loves this Gujarati pad! His favorite park is the quiz! Such a fun way to learn language!

    Viney K.
    Excellent Gifts

    We have sent Hindi and Gujrati Pads to our friends and family across USA and Canada, and everybody loves them. Kids are learning a lot about their culture. One parent thanked us saying it was the best gift their child ever received. On the top of it, it is affordable too.

    Wow! Thank you so much Viney for the kind words and the continuous support. Really appreciate it.

    Pravina Khant

    My grand kids love it very useful thank

    Shehnaaz Jagasia
    We love our LingoDodo Gujarati Pad

    My Lillte Z (6 years old) is enamored by the Lingo Dodo Gujarati Pad. She has never been interested in learning languages and shows no interest in responding to us in Hindi or Gujarati when we speak to her. But ever since she got her hands on the Gujarati pad she hasn't let it out of her sight. Whenever she gets a few minutes for free time from her busy school day and afterschool activities, she latches onto her pad and goes through all the songs, numbers and colors. She has already graduated to testing herself on the pad (lol). We are so happy we have the Lingo Dodo in our home :)