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Twenty-four Punjabi Pads (Punjabi school pack)

Product Description

This pack contains 24 Punjabi pads and is perfect for a regular size Punjabi school. Charitable individuals may consider donating this pack to their local Khalsa school. Not only will you be supporting our small business, but also promoting Punjabi language and culture and preserving Sikhism. Thank you.


The new and improved Punjabi Pad™ teaches Mool Mantar, Names of the 10 Gurus, 5 Pyaare, 4 Sahibzaade and 5 Kakkar.


It is an interactive Punjabi language learning toy that gets kids excited about everything from counting to alphabet recitation, a fun-fest of touch-and-talk games, several Punjabi tunes and a creative quiz mode.


Punjabi Pad™ teaches:  

  • Gurmukhi letters (Pantiakhar)
  • Numbers (Count to one hundred in Punjabi)
  • Music mode has a Punjabi alphabet rhyme and Gurmat Gyan
  • Colors (Names of the colors in Punjabi)
  • Examine your knowledge with a quiz mode.
  • 115+ Songs, Melodies, Sounds and Phrases



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