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Punjabi Pad™
Rajwinder kaur

Very easy to use

Punjabi Pad™
Manpreet Virdi

The Punjabi Pad is amazing! Not only is it great for kids but also for adults!

Telugu Pad™
Goutham Aenugu
Worth it

Very good

Excellent gift

I bought this for my grandson so his parents can teach him our mother tongue. It will be great for his mom who does not speak Punjabi.

Great gift for littles!!

I wish Dikku had been around when my son was younger, but even at 11yrs we had fun playing with him! I got him as a gifts for multiple nieces & nephews and he’s a universal hit!

Gujarati Bundle SOLD OUT!! New version delivery Feb 2024

My Husband’s Malayalam Will Be Better Than Mine

Bought this pad for my non Malayalee husband and our baby who is due in the spring. He’s enjoying learning the language so far and I have a feeling his Malayalam will be better than mine!

We love Diku. Great educational and fun product.

I am so glad I came across this product. The elephant that speaks Gujarati is just amazing. Has full alphabet, nursery rhymes, and also animal names and what they sound like. I initially got this for my nine month old but all three of my girls play with it. I also bought this as a gift for a friends daughter. We love it so much thank you.

Excellent product!

This is a well-crafted product with volume control, alphabet sounds, colors and lots of popular tamil songs! I just showed this on a video call to my mom and my cousin, they are so in love with it. Super useful for car rides, my 3 year old daughter approves it. Great initiative, thanks Lingdodo team!

Great product to introduce language in fun way to kids

Recently purchased the Malayalam Pad and kids have been testing it for a few weeks. So far, I have been happy with the basic learning blocks it provides and kids have enjoyed using it.

Easy to operate

My 10yr old only knows a few Tamil words & this tab was easy & interesting enough for her to start practicing right away. The rhymes/songs were harder for her to learn, but with repetition I'm sure she'll get it. I like that there are phonetic translation of the Tamil letters in English along with pictures of the words. I do randomly ask her to read the alphabet by the hiding the pictures & the English words to see if she can really read the Tamil letters. The numbers go in order from 1 to 30 & after that it goes in fives upto 100. Since most kids these days are familiar with using electronic devices, this Lingododo tab is an easy way for them to operate & learn on their own if they're older than 3 or 4. I'm sure even younger ones can still easily learn. I have recommended this to my brother for his kids.
The price was reasonable & the tab arrived within a week of ordering.

Excellent product

I purchased the Punjabi speaking bear and the gujrati speaking pad and we are obsessed! What a perfect way to teach our little ones our native language and make it interactive and fun! So happy with our purchase and looking forward to buying more for our family and friends.

Punjabi Pad™
Sonpreet Sandhu
Lingododo punjabi pad

Lingododo punjabi pad is a grateful device for kid to learn punjabi

Great learning device

As a teacher of Paula’s Barn Inc. - child care program with a diverse community, it's crucial for us to embrace and preserve different cultures, traditions, and languages. We recently gifted the Tamil Pad™️ to one of our families from India during Diwali, and it has been a wonderful addition to our language-learning activities.

The Tamil Pad™️ has not only helped our child learn the Tamil language but has also sparked her curiosity about her Indian roots. The engaging content and interactive features have made the learning process enjoyable and effective. Our parents have also expressed their gratitude for the product, as it has provided them with a valuable resource to reinforce language skills at home.

I would be more than happy to leave a review to help other parents discover this fantastic product. Additionally, I will make sure to tag LingoDodo on our social media platforms to inspire others in our community.

Thank you for creating such an incredible language-learning tool that fosters cultural appreciation and inclusivity.

Perfect for Bilingual Households

We love it - it's so fun to see my daughter play with her great grandparents and sing songs together

Absolutely love it

Babbu is so adorable and educative. My daughter loves the way it speaks and moves its ears. She is 6 months old and learning to speak now, Babbu is really helpful in teaching punjabi and keeping her engaged🫶

Great product!

I purchased the gujarati pad for my son. The sound is clear and has so many different things to learn. It’s very light and great to take with you for travel. My only complaint is It feels a little crowded. There are too many things in one square. But other than that I feel it’s an incredible product. My husband and I are learning along as well!

Great for learning Punjabi

I saw the ads on Instagram and wanted to try it out. My daughter loves learning the numbers & colors, it's a great refresher for me as well!

Hindi Pad™
Saurabh S
Best Hindi learning tool

Very thoughtfully designed product. We are teaching our kids how to read Hindi. This is the best tablet out there, it has Hindi poems, bhajans, counting, letters, Indian national anthem, fruits, vegetables... And more. I don't know how they packaged so much in this tablet without the harmful rays for eyes. My kids love it, I have shared it with so many families and they have ordered these for their kids. It was delivered on time and their customer service is fantastic.

Guddu™ Hindi-speaking Elephant
Kanika Sareen-Khanna

My alert 1 week old loves the alphabet and nursery rhymes in Hindi. I hope for her Hindi to be better than mine.

Hindi Bundle Deal
Prabha Singh
Impressive & Fun!!!

What a wonderful tool for introducing and teaching Hindi!! Guddu is too cute!!

Excellent Product!

This LingoDodo language pad was so cool! I loved it! It played letters, numbers, colors and music. It was really well made, and I highly recommend. I had a good customer service experience also when ordering. Would order again!

Gujarati pad

I bought 3 Gujarati pads for my 3 Grandchildren and they love it.My children are learning gujarati as well

Hindi Pad™
Nitika Arora
Kid loves to speak Hindi now

My 5 year old was fluent in Hindi until he went to school and then he completely forgot how to speak. Since the Hindi pad came in our mailbox, he is loving it. He learned 1-10 in a matter of 2 days. I am so glad I stumbled upon this pd. I am going to recommend it to everyone who is struggling to make their kids speak their native language.

Dear Nitika A,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with our Hindi Pad™! We’re thrilled to hear that it has helped your child rekindle their interest in speaking Hindi. It’s heartening to know that the product played a role in relearning numbers 1-10 in just two days. We appreciate your recommendation and are delighted to be a part of supporting language learning for kids.

Best regards,
LingoDodo Team

Gujarati Pad™ SOLD OUT!! New & Improved Version delivery Feb. 2024