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Two Malayalam Pads™
Sruthi Jayadevan

So easy to use and my boyfriend learned the numbers and colors within just 2 days after using it! I’m so impressed

Hindi Pad™ New and Improved

Perfect to teach my American husband and baby girl Malayalam!

It's such a fun way to help my family learn Malayalam. Its a great intro.


So helpful!


I wanted my little one to learn Hindi even if we stay abroad. And Lingo DODO made our life super easy. We got the hindi pad to make hindi aquatinted to our little one.
we totally are happy with our decision. This is perfect to introduce to our kids at a young age so they know and are familiar with their native language. Thankyou for making our life easier Lingododo.

Perfect Self Tutoring Pad

My 4 year old son Rannav, speaks fluent Hindi so I wanted to teach him read and write Hindi. I came across LindoDodo Hindi Pad and after much thought I decided to get it. I am so glad I did, as now its my sons favorite. He sings rhymes and has started to count in Hindi in just 4 days. I highly recommend LingoDodo language pads. The best investment to teach kids so much about Indian languages.

Kids learning quick!

I was thrilled when my boy said a complete sentence thin Hindi to his grandfather when leaving after a visit. It’s the same sentence this product says when powering off. So amazing! My heart melted!

NZ purchase

Ordered a punjabi pad in 2020 for arrival of Feb 2021 sadly the first one was lost in transit, but was resolved with a generous refund plus the offer to wait for the new improved model which took a further 9 months of time due to covid to get to us, however I can say Milan has restored my faith & the product is extremely loved by my two year old! Great educational toy! Already have friends asking where they’re from. 😊 have recommended and are thankful we received the replacement this week! Thank you

Fun Learning Time!

I LOVE this Punjabi Pad for my child. Not only is it NOT an electronic screen which makes me happy and okay with letting him play for hours or during long road trips, but it's interactive and a great learning tool. I like the different options - learn the alphabet, numbers, colours or animals, but it also includes Japji Sahib which is like an added bonus! This is a super gadget to help introduce Punjabi into your child's daily life. It's quickly become his go-to toy, often forgetting his iPad even exists. If you're still thinking about getting one, stop and just do it. It's a good investment for your child's language and development.


I ordered 2 of these months ago and had given up on them arriving they must have been in development and suddenly they arrived and all the buttons work you just have to find the right bit of the button and you automatically start learning more of it as you use it - and then start speaking Punjabi more as well. They're great.

Punjabi pad

My son love it 😊

Malayalam Pad™
Carolyn Varghese

My kids love it!

A fun and interactive resource to teach your kids languages

As parents we love the Hindi tablet. There are so many things children can learn - alphabets, numbers, colors, animals, religious songs, National anthem of India, etc. There is even a quiz function to test them. Both my kids enjoy it - they are 2 and 7. We have it out on the table and they grab it daily 3-5 times a day. Sometimes to listen to the music, sometimes for the alphabets, sometimes the animals. Each of buttons has the Hindi and English words written on them, a picture, a number, and color. It’s a lot packed into a lightweight design. You can take it anywhere - which I plan to do. If you want a great tool to help your kids to learn a language, I highly recommend this.


My daughter absolutely loves her Punjabi pad. She enjoys dancing to the music and also loves listening to the prays. Thank you!

Two Punjabi Pads™

Tamil Pad™
Ramya Suresh
Great little gadget for all ages!

My little one got it as a 1st birthday gift but has started using it more often now at 16mos old. I can see her using this for years to come (especially the quiz mode when she’s older!)

Love that it’s educational and connects her to a part of her heritage. Unlike books that she insists we read to her, she’s able to play with this by herself. And we love that it doesn’t involve any screen time.

As an additional bonus, my husband (who doesn’t know Tamil) and I (who can speak Tamil) are learning along with our daughter!

Couple things to note is that it’s battery operated - not a huge deal but just used to chargeable electronics nowadays. Also the Tamil in the pad is “proper” Tamil and so some of the words don’t match up to what I would use at home. Once again not a big deal for us, figured she’d just learn more words this way!

Hindi Pad™ New and Improved

Telugu Pad™
Sarvani vadali
Lovely telugu pad

Both our boys love and enjoy this product and it’s a good car companion.we love to squeeze in anyway they can learn telugu.
Only wish the sound was a bit louder.

Malayalam Pad™
Manju Philip-Nedumakel

Malayalam Pad™

Fantastic gift idea for next generation

Just received this Gujarati Pad and tried it. It’s great. Bought it for my grandson but I think mummy-and daddy will really benefit from it. It sounds great and waiting for a right time to give to them. It arrived well in time and all was good. Thank you.

Awesome educational toy for kids!

My child loves this Gujarati pad! His favorite park is the quiz! Such a fun way to learn language!

Excellent Gifts

We have sent Hindi and Gujrati Pads to our friends and family across USA and Canada, and everybody loves them. Kids are learning a lot about their culture. One parent thanked us saying it was the best gift their child ever received. On the top of it, it is affordable too.

Wow! Thank you so much Viney for the kind words and the continuous support. Really appreciate it.

My grand kids love it very useful thank

Tamil Pad™
Nila Heran
Love our tamil pad !

My boys play with this all the time & I love how much information is packed in this very small and fun device !


We love our LingoDodo Gujarati Pad

My Lillte Z (6 years old) is enamored by the Lingo Dodo Gujarati Pad. She has never been interested in learning languages and shows no interest in responding to us in Hindi or Gujarati when we speak to her. But ever since she got her hands on the Gujarati pad she hasn't let it out of her sight. Whenever she gets a few minutes for free time from her busy school day and afterschool activities, she latches onto her pad and goes through all the songs, numbers and colors. She has already graduated to testing herself on the pad (lol). We are so happy we have the Lingo Dodo in our home :)