Two Punjabi Pads™ (Double the Fun)

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It is an interactive Punjabi language learning toy that gets kids excited about everything from counting to alphabet recognition & recitation, a fun-fest of touch-and-talk games, several Punjabi tunes and a creative Quiz Mode.


Punjabi Pad™ teaches:  

  • Gurmukhi Letters (Pantiakhar)
  • Numbers (Count to One Hundred in Punjabi)
  • Music Mode has a Punjabi Alphabet Rhyme and Gurmat Gyaan
  • Colors (Names of the Colors in Punjabi)
  • Examine your knowledge with a Quiz Mode.
  • 250+ Songs, Melodies, Sounds and Phrases
What's new and improved?
  • Light weight so kids can carry it easily
  • Over 20 Punjabi nursery rhymes
  • Loaded with tunes and melodies of Punjab
  • Teaches Body Parts, Family relations
  • Animals and Birds, Fruits and Vegetables
  • Days of the week etc. in Punjabi & English
  • Plus all the other awesome features like
  • Quiz Mode, Mool Mantar, Names of the 10 Gurus, 5 Pyaare, 4 Sahibzaade and 5 Kakkar.
  • 3 AAA batteries pre-installed



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 117 reviews
      Never seen anything like this anywhere else.

      We made the mistake of only speaking English to our two year old. It wasn’t until I dropped of her of at day care and the mother was speaking both Japanese and English with her son. We’ve since changed our ways and this tablet is a lot of help. Thank you!

      jaspreet kaur lall
      Great device

      Really great device and fab job at keeping our mother tongue alive. Thank you.

      Rach Attwood
      NZ purchase

      Ordered a punjabi pad in 2020 for arrival of Feb 2021 sadly the first one was lost in transit, but was resolved with a generous refund plus the offer to wait for the new improved model which took a further 9 months of time due to covid to get to us, however I can say Milan has restored my faith & the product is extremely loved by my two year old! Great educational toy! Already have friends asking where they’re from. 😊 have recommended and are thankful we received the replacement this week! Thank you

      Rupinder Kaur
      Fun Learning Time!

      I LOVE this Punjabi Pad for my child. Not only is it NOT an electronic screen which makes me happy and okay with letting him play for hours or during long road trips, but it's interactive and a great learning tool. I like the different options - learn the alphabet, numbers, colours or animals, but it also includes Japji Sahib which is like an added bonus! This is a super gadget to help introduce Punjabi into your child's daily life. It's quickly become his go-to toy, often forgetting his iPad even exists. If you're still thinking about getting one, stop and just do it. It's a good investment for your child's language and development.

      Anurag Agarwal

      I ordered 2 of these months ago and had given up on them arriving they must have been in development and suddenly they arrived and all the buttons work you just have to find the right bit of the button and you automatically start learning more of it as you use it - and then start speaking Punjabi more as well. They're great.