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Hindi Pad

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Introducing the Hindi Pad™, an interactive language-learning toy designed to make learning Hindi fun and engaging for children! This adorably illustrated Pad is a great way for children to learn the Hindi alphabet and practice speaking by pressing the letters on the device's touch screen. The Numbers mode teaches counting in Hindi, while the Colors mode teaches them to identify and name the colors. The Music mode introduces children to fun and engaging Hindi rhymes, which helps improve their listening and pronunciation skills. The Quiz mode is a fun and interactive way for children to test their knowledge of what they've learned in the other modes.

It also features basic vocabulary words for common categories such as wild animals, farm animals, birds, body parts, emotions, days of the week, weather, foods, fruits, and vegetables. This helps children develop a solid foundation of Hindi, which can be further expanded upon with additional practice and exposure.

Overall, a great tool for anyone wanting to learn Hindi in a fun and engaging way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
V Soni

Amazing product, great sound quality, my daughter loves it!!!

Neha Gaur
Hindi Pad

The pad is great and my nephew is really enjoying. The only critique is that the volume is really loud even with the lower setting. It will be nice to be able to control the volume in future versions.

Love the product

It’s an amazing product to help learn Hindi. Love the concept and very nicely executed.

Sonia Sonia
Hindi pad- Awesome

My kid engage himself and try to learn Hindi himself

Saurabh S
Best Hindi learning tool

Very thoughtfully designed product. We are teaching our kids how to read Hindi. This is the best tablet out there, it has Hindi poems, bhajans, counting, letters, Indian national anthem, fruits, vegetables... And more. I don't know how they packaged so much in this tablet without the harmful rays for eyes. My kids love it, I have shared it with so many families and they have ordered these for their kids. It was delivered on time and their customer service is fantastic.